As of 2013, after a number of years of R&D, mesure-d is now able to measure positive and negative (in dollars) brand impacts in

  • Daily newspapers
  • Weeklies
  • Magazines
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Web-based versions of traditional media

mesure-d can also combine and analyze components for comparison purposes, a feature particularly useful for

  • Private and public sector organizations
  • Events
  • Public relations firms

In 2013, mesure-d was refined to help users

  • Understand the economic impact of coverage in Web versions of traditional media
  • Compare the economic impact when both platforms of one vehicle cover a story 
  • Combine and analyze components that can now be compared

No other Quebec firm offers such a product, and few international companies have developed such sophisticated tools for assessing the impact of online coverage from the traditional media.


As more and more managers and communications specialists seek to analyze their public relations and communications investments, the market has become flooded with tools that generate superficial, over-complicated, or rose-tinted reports.

Managers have used our analytical tool - mesure-d - since 1994 to:

  • Understand the economic impact of coverage in traditional media
  • Distinguish this impact from advertising value (the cost of space and air time)
  • Obtain an overview and highly accurate data that single out successes while identifying areas needing improvement
  • Gain a detached and independent perspective thanks to external analysis

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